Artist Statement

I make visual poems; paintings and magical objects that are unapologetically beautiful and personal. With an inward focus I observe the timeless and transient existence of female archetypes. The role of the innocent, the caregiver, the lover, the magician, the sage, the regular woman. Each in and of herself will only have this lifetime. Yet these stories, my personal myths, will be told again and again with new flesh on old bones.


Kristy Jane From-Brown was born in 1977 in Long Island, New York. In 1999 she received her BFA from the University of South Alabama. From-Brown’s paintings and small sculptures have been included in various exhibitions including From Our Perspectives: A National Women’s Art Exhibition, at the Smith Theatre Gallery in Farmington Hills, MI. This year she is the President of the Alabama Women’s Caucus for Art (ALWCA). Upcoming shows include an ALWCA member showcase at the Georgine Clarke Alabama Artists Gallery, in Montgomery, AL. From-Brown lives and works in Huntsville, Alabama.


The ethereal beauty of human anatomy and physiology is something few people consider and even fewer would consider painting about. Artist Kristy Jane From-Brown’s work however explores the internal side of human beings on a regular basis. Fascinated with medical books and anatomical illustrations from a young age, Kristy drew inspiration from the human figure early on, but living a life and raising a family has brought a deeper understanding of the figures she paints. Her works not only portray the organs, skeletons, and tissues of the human body, they equally convey the emotional core that makes us all tick. Observing her paintings is a voyage into a clouded fever dream where youth and age, health and fragility, colors and neutrals are all obscured and melted together.



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