Adaptations is a painting addressing our plasticity within imposed conditions. In particular, the relentless nurturing condition of females. The subject matter is derived from observed parallels between modern women and the plight of the american pit bull with a delicate nod to the new birth defects our world faces from years of war, neglect, and abuse.  The composition relates to the Etruscan statue of Romulus and Remus being suckled by a she-wolf. We seem to tell the same stories over and over.


One thought on “Adaptations

  1. My stepdaughter, stepson and I just spent about an hour at Lowe Mill, fascinated by this and the other works by you and Mr. Tanner and Mr. Bean in the FOLKLORE AND FEVER DREAMS exhibition. It was one of the most engaging exhibitions that any of us have had the pleasure of losing ourselves in. This one really captured my stepdaughter’s interest, and she immediately began relating the work to the prevalence of birth defects in impoverished nations. She’ll be delighted to learn that she was in tune with the artist’s intentions there! (I’m proud to have recognized the canine model, Sheba, in another artist’s studio!).
    My stepson spent a lot of time studying “Maybe Your Great Great Grandmother Was One”. His interpretation of the three-headed baby was (in part) to account for the number of generations implied in the title (five women total).

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