Things Have An End, But Feeling Is Infinite


I saw a print of a line drawing by John Banting with see-through figures in a similar position to this.  Apparently Banting thinks that women are silly and did several illustrations of how this looked to him.  When I strongly identify with an image, I feel perfectly comfortable inserting myself right into it.  As the image developed I placed a transfer of a heart drawing my daughter did in science class.  She gave it to me as a gift knowing exactly what I like, the intersection of human emotion and science. It is said that to have a child is like having your heart walk on the outside of your body.  It is.  And to be in love is the other most vulnerable thing that you can do.  But those are the only things I feel are worth doing. Things have an end, but feeling is infinite.

*Things have an end, but feeling is infinite- lyrics by David Byrne in “Finite = Alright”