Maybe Your Great Great Grandmother Was One


This is where the idea is at so far:

Two women have been lovingly bound in stocks.  Perhaps they bound themselves. On the left, her bones are showing to suggest that this is her foundation.  They are timeless, still ruled by instinct and intuition.  Still innately powerful. Still responding to nature because they are nature.  Still having to cover that up as to not get violated.   Still using those skills to care for the monstrosities that have evolved from our culture. As women will from the first to the last.

This is where the idea came from:

When I was 10 or 11 I visited a medieval museum.  The horror and creativity left a lasting impression on me.  A few months ago I looked around on the Internet to see if I could find the museum and see what my adult response would be.  I came across an image of two witches/women in stocks.  It was a bit comical in that they were dressed like witches.  Like they were asking for it…. Which is clearly still an assumption/problem.

The model on the left is actually from Massachusetts and has moons tattooed on her knuckles, and a mohawk.  She is a poet and a dear friend.

The baby has three heads for many reasons. I refuse to pick only one as each assumption takes you down another narrative. The original ideas is that he or she is from an area where there has been war for so long that the soil is saturated with fallout which has led to birth defects and adaptations. But also three is the magic number. And I will always love, hear no, see no, speak no. Trip on some Father, son, and holy ghost.  Or how about the three prophetic witches from Macbeth.  Or the three fates. Or the three primary ego states. Probably not the three stooges.


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