oil on panel 18×24

Acumen is the ability to make good quick decisions.  I am by nature very indecisive, always seeing several sides of things.  With the awareness that my  opinions  are of course only based off of my own limited experience.  This is how I see the world, with my set of visual realities.

This piece was inspired by an image by Rene Descartes depicting his ideas on perception. I have found as an artist, listening to the public discuss art, that every individual has a vast amount of past impressions interfering with their visual perspective. On an emotional and at times physical level, ones own lot can alter their vision.

It is ever curious how one digests visual imagery. I was delighted to discover that this idea has been contemplated for thousands of years.

This painting is a self portrait in the same position of Descartes model, alluding to his illustration with the white line drawing.



I joke about having 100 ideas in one moment fly out like a fan. I am holding in my heart and relinquishing possession of my thoughts.